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Tabletop painting easel...Beeasel is the answer

"I bought the Beeasel tabletop easel to use with my grandchildren when they want to paint. It is a awesome way to let my grandchild paint independently...whether using water paints or tempura paints. When assembled it is sturdy and the nonstick pad helps it stay in place on the table. The included clip helps keep the paper from moving as they paint. This makes a great birthday or Christmas present for a child who has everything. It is also easy to store."

I keep hearing how much fun the children have painting pictures on their Beeasels and ...

"I purchased Beeasels for several children of my nieces and nephews. The versatility and portability made them an instant hit with the children and with their parents. I keep hearing how much fun the children have painting pictures on their Beeasels and even received pictures showing them in action. They are durable and easy to use. I plan to buy more for my other great-nieces and nephews and have recommended them as great gifts for friends to buy for their little ones."

I love the beeasels

"I teach in an Early Childhood Program. I teach 2 years olds. 14 in a class, 8 classes a week. I love the the Beeasels. I have 4 to 6 Beeasels on the table to allow the little ones to see their art work. I do not use the Beeasels every week but when my classroom children paint I always use them. Floor Easels took up too much room in my classroom. Plus, it was difficult for the children to wait for their turn. One of the greatest features of the Beeasels is how they fold up and store. They take minimal space, and of course the easy clean up. Our program has 3 sets of 4 that travel to other classrooms. I also am a Grandmother and I have three Beeasels in my home when the grandkids come over."

What is a Beeasel?

  • It’s a child’s first easel.

  • Simple, convenient to use.

  • Promotes proper pre-writing hand grip.

  • Visually accessible for young children.

  • Easy to fold for compact storage.

  • Children love to paint.


Twenty-nine plus years ago, I was hired as an early childhood teacher in a booming suburb of Minneapolis, MN. The program I work at is called Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), ages Birth to 5. It’s a program where children and parents come together. The children learn in school and parents learn best practices that make a parent great. I was blessed to work with the two year olds and parents. The biggest step for a two year old is the separation from the most important person in their life, MOM or DAD. After 30 minutes of play time with their child, the parents move into the parenting room with 14 other nervous parents. The parents were nervous because they shared the same attachment as their child and they both didn’t want to be apart from each other. The child soon learns “mom or dad will be right back!’

For many years of teaching I used a floor easel that allowed only two children to paint at a time and they were too short for the easels. Mostly…what two-year-old wants to wait to paint??? The kids would get impatient, plus, the floor easel took up too much space. It was safer for the children when I moved the floor easel out of their play area. Teachers and parents understand that floor easels are too big and cumbersome to have as a permanent fixture for the children. Initially, I created an individual tabletop easel for each child made out of cardboard and contact paper. For years these little easels worked great. Six little two year olds could sit at the table, each able to see their beautiful art work all at the same time. Yes, this was the ticket!…until I had to store them. It just took up too much room. I needed something that could collapse for easy storage. And finally, we have a Beeasel!!

New School Year!!!

September, a new school year. Most children are excited about meeting their new teacher, but some will be sad. Especially the pre-school children that have to say good-bye to their parent or caregiver.  Teachers may set up an activity where they ask the child to paint a picture of their family. Children are able to […]

Parent-Child play date!!

Summer is almost ending and school will begin. Parents are taking advantage of the free time before school starts. Coming together with parents and children is fun plus it teaches children how to interact with each other. Parents are the child’s best model of what it is to be a friend. I watched the children […]

Beautiful Artwork by Ziva!!

Ziva’s Grandmother just sent me her Beeasel picture. Over the holidays I had many comments about the Beeasel being on of the child’s favorite gifts. To watch a child painting on this easel is a joy for me. I feel some sort of “giving back” to all the children I had in class. All I […]

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